Tibor Reich exhibition at the Whitworth, Manchester

Tibor Reich exhibition Whitworth Manchester

If you love mid century modern design like I do, then take a trip to Manchester to see the Tibor Reich exhibition at The Whitworth Gallery. It’s an inspiring collection of fabric, ceramics, original design swatches and displays all about his life and design process.  I danced around the gallery like a kid in a sweet shop it was so exciting!

Tibor Reich was such an inspirational man, a real innovator of his time. What really struck me about his work was how current the designs are. I do believe that the Tibor company has been restarted with his grandson at the helm.

Tibor was inspired by nature and would take his camera out to take photos of textures which he then used to make patterns. Now we take using photos for granted with the ease of using Photoshop but this was very avant-garde at the time. The patterns produced were woven into the material resulting in deep textures, and they also printed fabric too.

Take a look at this amazing old film from British Pathé of Tibor’s design process. I love how one part of the print is duplicated and then cut up and rearranged to form a motif:

While the fabrics were beautiful, I was really taken by the ceramics Tibor designed for Denby pottery under the name of Tigo-Ware. I really hope Tibor start to make them again as I will collect them for sure.

Tibor Reich exhibition Whitworth Manchester

Tibor Reich exhibition Whitworth Manchester


There is a fabulous book all about Tibor Reich available from the gallery shop, and I’ve just discovered you can buy it online here.

The exhibition runs at The Whitworth in Manchester until 29th August 2016.

Tile trend prediction for Spring/Summer 2017


tile trend SS17

  1. Gorgeous swimwear – Anthropologie
  2. Persian placed top – Warehouse
  3. This rug features an assemblage of pattern that recreates Mediterranean style tiles – Heals
  4. Jacquard weave bath towel – H&M
  5. Arabian Designs postcard colouring book – Amazon
  6. Arya tote bag – Accessorize
  7. Patterned cushion cover – H&M
  8. Persian, Middle Eastern dangle earrings – Nedlook on Etsy
  9. Washi tape – HKLTD on Etsy
  10. This rug is reminiscent of floor tiles – Heals

This tile trend prediction for SS17 caught my eye recently when I fell down the rabbit hole that is otherwise known as Pinterest! I like to design to trends for The Digital Finch when it comes to digital paper because I know that you, as a small creative business owner, want to make things that are current and have greater appeal to your customers. Take a look at this mood board  and also this moodboard I found on pinterest.

So I’ve been keeping an eye out for the trend in the shops and I’m sure this trend will carry on for a good while.

Beautiful isn’t it! Is there a way to incorporate the tile trend into your work?

Here is my latest collection based on the tile trend:

Mosaic Tiles digital paper pack by The Digital Finch

You can find it in the shop here.

Pancake clipart for Pancake Day!

So who’s looking forward to flipping some pancakes next week? I drew these illustrations a while ago now but thought I would make them into pancake clipart with some coordinating patterns and offer them up as a set in my Etsy shop. If these pots and dishes existed I would buy them in a flash! Gold, mint and pink… I think I’m in love with this colour combo!

Pancake clipart set / crêpe clip art set by The Digital Finch

The pancakes we most often make in the UK are more like crêpes than the American style pancakes… I don’t know if you flip the Amercian pancakes in the air? Half the fun of Shrove Tuesday (or Pancake Day as we like to call it) is trying to avoid getting pancakes stuck to the ceiling! The other half is obviously the eating!

I like mine with lemon and sugar, how do you like yours?

Here is a wonderful Delia Smith recipe that never lets me down. Perfect pancakes every time! Thanks Delia!

Easter bunnies clip art set with coordinating backgrounds

This Easter bunnies clip art set would be perfect for making stationery designs, giving a seasonal theme to your website or shop, or for scrapbooking the festivities. Cute bunnies make great designs for kids and new babies too.

Easter Bunnies Clip Art Set by The Digital Finch

I made sure the clip art bunnies had some juicy carrots and dandelion leaves to eat. You can even dress them up for special occasions with the bow.

To give you an idea of size, the bottom left bunny measures approx 7 1/4 x 6 inches at high resolution with everything else in proportion as seen in the preview. Very high quality for great designing and printing. They come in high resolution JPG format and also as PNGS with transparent backgrounds.

The Easter bunnies clip art can be found here in The Digital Finch Etsy shop 🙂

Love Birds clip art set for Valentine’s Day

May I present to you my first clip art set! Clip art sets are a new idea for The Digital Finch etsy shop… lots of great clip art elements with coordinating papers to help you make beautiful and fun designs. The Love Birds clip art set would be perfect for Valentine’s Day designs, weddings or fun snail mail stationery.

I have hand drawn the love birds clip art, it gives the birds a lovely variation in line thickness and more character. The little bird pattern is my favourite, it came out really sweet. Also included are some wreaths and banners. You could give the birds a rose to carry instead of a letter.

Love Birds clip art set by The Digital Finch

I made sure to make the clip art a good size. The bird clip art images are at least 7 inches with everything else in proportion as seen in the preview (apart from the wreaths which are a lot bigger – approx 13.5 inches). Very high quality for great designing and printing. They come as JPGS and also as PNGS with transparent backgrounds.

Available in The Digital Finch etsy shop. The designs are royalty free and good for small commercial use (please read the shop policy).

I’m off to a great start this year, down in part to the daily planner printable which is keeping me motivated, focused and on track with my goals. I’ve got a whole list of ideas to fill the shop this year, exciting things ahead!

Daily planner printable – a new product!

There is a great new product in The Digital Finch Etsy shop… a daily planner printable! It will save you time by helping you organise your day in lots of different ways.

The Daily Planner printable

The instant download includes both A4 and A5 versions with the following pages: Today’s Plan, To-Do List, Daily Schedule, Timetable plus a cover sheet to make a new section in your binder.

daily planner printabledaily planner printable

Perfect for planning your days in detail, this daily planner can be printed out as many times as you like and stuck on your noticeboard or punched and kept in a folder if you prefer. You could also laminate it and use with a whiteboard pen over and over again!

daily planner printable

What’s included in more detail

The download includes A4 and A5 versions which contain the following 5 SHEETS:

:: COVER – make a new section in your binder.

:: TODAY’S PLAN – top 3 priorities for the day, meal planner, health (for exercise, mental health or medication), work, chores, gratitude, a space for reminders, weather, mood and a treat (set an incentive to finish your 3 priorities).

:: DAILY SCHEDULE – plan your day down to the half hour.

:: TO DO LIST – a simple to-do list with check boxes.

:: TIMETABLE – a box for each hour to plan your day from 7am to 6pm (A5) or 6am to 11pm (A4)

:: DAILY SCHEDULE – plan your day down to the quarter hour.

daily planner printable

Paper sizes and printing

A4: 21cm x 29.7cm (8.27×11.69 inches)
A5: 14.8cm x 21cm (5.8×8.3 inches)
***Letter and half letter size will be available soon***

There are 2 different files for A5 size:

You can print A5 on a sheet you have already cut to A5 size
as 2 on a sheet of A4 to cut in half afterwards (IMPORTANT – WHEN PRINTING THIS WAY PLEASE SELECT ACTUAL SIZE)

There is a margin down the left hand side of each page to punch holes and keep in a binder.

daily planner printable

I designed this daily planner printable inititally for my own use and it’s really helped me to focus and get organised. The pretty pastel colours look really nice in my turquoise A5 binder too! Plus I find that the light colours don’t use up as much ink as heavy dark colours.

I hope you’ll give the Daily Planner printable a whirl, you can find it in The Digital Finch etsy shop here.

If you’re looking for a specific exercise and diet planner I have a pretty one available called Brand New You.

Inky doodles in my sketchbook

inky doodles in my sketchbook www.finchfive.co.uk/blog

Having fun today with some blue inky doodles in my sketchbook. Sometimes a change (from working on the computer) is as good as a break. I really do believe that playing and having fun fuels creativity and leads me to things that I otherwise wouldn’t find. Some of those things end up in my work.

I like to make pages of swatches in my sketchbook. I start off with the basic patterns and motifs and when I’ve got them out of my head and down on paper the more complicated and intricate patterns start to form.

I am completely enchanted at the moment by the beautiful tones you get within just one inked shape after it dries. I think I’ll be exploring using ink more and see where it takes me. Perhaps I will create some simple repeat tiles for website backgrounds too.

I love shiny, brand new Mondays, I know that puts me in a minority! I really am so grateful to live the life that I do and I crave to get back to it over the weekends. Have a great week, friends!

Never Give Up desktop wallpaper

Never Give Up by The Digital Finch www.finchfive.co.uk

Never give up, folks (unless it’s something like smoking then definitely give up)! Last Autumn I was feeling like I needed a new challenge and with my 40th birthday coming up soon I wanted something that would make me feel good about being another decade older. I want to be in better shape at 40 than I am at 39, so I decided to start running and looked online for a course to help me. That’s when I found Couch to 5k. It’s a podcast you download to your phone that coaches and plays music as you run.

The first podcast eases you in with 8 x 1 minute runs with walking in between. I remember feeling shattered by the end of this first run and the next couple of days I couldn’t walk without wincing!! That’s when I found some great stretching exercises to do afterwards. Certainly learnt my lesson there!!

At this point I couldn’t imagine being able to run for 30 mins without stopping. I decided to bribe myself with this beautiful bracelet from Deborah Jones on Folksy. This really spurred me on over the weeks when I felt I couldn’t do it.

Macaroni Bracelet by Deborah Jones www.folksy.com/shops/DeborahJonesJewellery

Some weeks I didn’t run at all, like when I had the flu, and I dreaded that first run after having a break but I found that I could leave a 2 week gap and not lose too much of my fitness.

To cut a long story short, it may have taken me a lot longer that 9 weeks but I didn’t give up and I got there in the end. I finished the course and I can now run for 30 mins without stopping. I finally got my beautiful bracelet and whenever I look at it, it reminds me to never give up. I may not be the fastest runner (I’m pretty slow, especially up hill!) but I’m hoping with time I will be able to cover more ground in my 30 minute runs.

Never Give Up free desktop wallpaper

To celebrate I have made the image at the top of this post, Never Give Up, into lots of different shapes and sizes as wallpaper for your computer desktop/ iPad / iPhone / HTC One (because that’s what I have and nobody ever designs for it!!). You are welcome to download them for free and I hope you find them motivating. Remember, personal use only folks and if you want to share please send people here. Thanks!

Digital scrapbook paper: Spring Flowers and Eggs

Spring Flowers and Eggs digital scrapbook paper

New in my Etsy shop: Spring Flowers and Eggs! I am on a roll with digital scrapbook paper! Inspired by signs of Spring I’ve noticed while out running with Floss, this new collection of digital scrapbook paper will be great for seasonal Spring and Easter projects. I used some of the motifs from the Spring Design Challenge that I did last year. Spring is most definitely my favourite season.

Spring Flowers and Eggs digital scrapbook paper

The Spring Flowers and Eggs digital paper pack features primroses, forget-me-nots, speckled eggs (ideal for Easter projects) along with some lovely coordinating patterns of dots, leaves, gingham and stripy paper in fresh colours. I’m particularly pleased with the coordinates, I think it makes a really versatile collection of patterns to mix and match.

Spring Flowers and Eggs digital scrapbook paper

Spring Flowers and Eggs digital scrapbook paper

Spring Flowers and Eggs digital scrapbook paper

These digital papers are great for Easter and Spring craft projects, creating cards, scrapbooking, journalling, jewelry, website banners and twitter backgrounds, Easter party items, business cards, brochures, flyers, clothing… please let your imagination soar!

80s Postmodern Revival digital paper pack

80's Postmodern Revival digital paper pack by The Digital Finch www.finchfive.co.uk

New in The Digital Finch etsy shop this week: 80s Postmodern digital paper pack. A set of 12 digital papers that can be used for all sorts of things, from stationery to business marketing, with small business use allowed. Your imagination is the only limit!

This paper pack is inspired by Memphis design, a group from Milan who rebelled against the stark utilitarianism of Modernism in the 1980s. The style is daring and dynamic, the opposite of traditional and twee, with it’s clashing colours, crazy shapes and bold marks and lines.

I think we will be seeing a lot of this style over the next couple of years through fashion and homeware.

80's Postmodern Revival digital paper pack by The Digital Finch www.finchfive.co.uk 80's Postmodern Revival digital paper pack by The Digital Finch www.finchfive.co.uk 80's Postmodern Revival digital paper pack by The Digital Finch www.finchfive.co.uk 80's Postmodern Revival digital paper pack by The Digital Finch www.finchfive.co.uk